10. Phileas : Across the States in 80 Days: Week Eight – To the end of the world #2

Tenth of 13 Videos about my trip, in 80 days from New York to Los Angeles by bicycle, the eighth week on the road.
The music used is from the album « To the end of the world », which was recorded by The Lone John Harps in 2014.

You can download the tracks at: https://thelonejohnharps.bandcamp.com

The text was written during the trip, and reflects the state of mind I was in at that moment.

Week Ten : What I want
As I am preparing for the final steps, I’m taking stock. More and more I find myself smiling to myself, incredulous. Unable to grasp it while clinging tightly to it.
I don’t want it to stop. I want sunrises with a horizon, not the walls and the fences.
I want endlessness, not the confinement of stasis.
I want life, not the idea of its perfection.
And at the same time I’m longing for the end.
Every stretch of road is defined by its destination, which I am striving for.
Always projected forwards, towards a reason.
And so I’m yearning for the arrival while I dread it.
I’m waiting for the conclusion, and want to postpone its judgement.
I want vindication, and fear being proven right…

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