11. Phileas – Across the States in 80 Days: Week Nine – Feed my head

Eleventh of 13 Videos about my trip, in 80 days from New York to Los Angeles by bicycle, the ninth week on the road.
The music used is from the album « To the end of the world », which was recorded by The Lone John Harps in 2014.

You can download the tracks at: https://thelonejohnharps.bandcamp.com

The text was written during the trip, and reflects the state of mind I was in at that moment.

Week Nine: In the wilderness
Here’s the desert.
It’s been a long time coming and all along I could see on the horizon.
There might still be a couple of stops on the way, but eventually there’s no getting around it.
There are many ways to get lost. Get lost in this endless vastness that is desired as much as it is dreaded. To be far gone and not entirely sure there is a way back, to want it this way.
Return differently, leaving something behind there, half-empty but with a life fully lived.
Songs, words and ideas to fill the void around and inside. They’ll get blown away, covered up and drowned out, become repertoire, catchphrase and convictions, but I can live with that.
It’s a fool’s paradise, a castle in the sky, a shelter built on sinking sands but it feels safer than their treacherous grounds full of sinkholes.
It will never be enough against the vast emptiness that is engulfing everything around, but I’d rather have this one glorious sunset than a life-time of shadow dancing.

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