3. Across the States in 80 Days : First Week – To the end of the world

Third of 13 Videos about my trip, in 80 days from New York to Los Angeles by bicycle, the first week on the road.
The music used is from the album « To the end of the world », which was recorded by The Lone John Harps in 2014. You can download the tracks at: https://thelonejohnharps.bandcamp.com
The text was written during the trip, and reflects the state of mind I was in at that moment.

First Week: Nowhere near with no end in sight
Never have I been so unsure, full of doubt and skeptical towards a project of mine.
There are a thousand reasons not to go ahead with it, each one more compelling than the other.
Every successful example of a similar venture strikes me as being fundamentally different and better prepared.
But I just grit my teeth, and get on with it, step by step, concentrating only on putting things together. Like a puzzle I can’t believe will ever look like the picture on the box, but that I keep adding pieces to until I sit in my saddle and pedal the first tentative strides into the uncertainty of the unknown.

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