4. Across the States in 80 Days : Second Week – Learn about the Days

The second week on the road

Fourth of 13 Videos about my trip, in 80 days from New York to Los Angeles by bicycle:
The music used is from the album « To the end of the world », which was recorded by The Lone John Harps in 2014.

You can download the tracks at: https://thelonejohnharps.bandcamp.com
The text was written during the trip, and reflects the state of mind I was in at that moment.

Second Week: Somewhere with no end in sight
I find myself taking every day, every stop, every city, like a small step.
I make mistakes, I’m unaware.
I discover and understand.
I reflect and do better.
Find a routine, a place outside of the world, parallel to it.
When everybody is static yet busy I am passing.
I occasionnally envy their certainty as they sometimes envy my freedom.
They like me for what I am, a small moment of incredulity, maybe even amazement.
I am forward movement, cyclic in scope, cutting through the whirlpools of life.
And always with the free-wheeling feeling that I am nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

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