6. Across the States in 80 Days: Week Four – Free (as a bird on the wing)

6th of 13 Videos about my trip, in 80 days from New York to Los Angeles by bicycle, depicting the fourth week on the road.
The music used is from the album « To the end of the world », which was recorded by The Lone John Harps in 2014. You can download the tracks at: https://thelonejohnharps.bandcamp.com

The text was written during the trip, and reflects the state of mind I was in at that moment.

Fourth Week: A Sight to behold

I am immersed in this parallel path, counting to myself of ways I could have gone.
I speak to few people but learn new ways of talking.
I don’t sing often but I’ve got music playing in my head all day.
I see without being seen.
I take what I’m not supposed to, but always leave something behind.
I will bring back glimpses, but the visions will belong only to me.

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