CHAPTER 1: During which Phileas realizes he has been Phileas for some time

A couple of months ago, a guy called The Lone John Harps went to America and came back changed. As a person, but also as a musician.

Though the trip yielded some very positive results, recognition of the project’s artistic value, professional encounters and the recording of an EP,
he has been taken aback by the human and professional obstacles that make life in this country a constant struggle.
These hard times as well as a glimpse of the terrifying social reality of a country that is more and more dehumanized and polarized, have shaken him to the core.
This is where I, Phileas, come into play.
Let’s say I’m the light side of things, the one that sees flourishing possibility in surrounding bleakness, strength in weakness and makes light of gloom.
So here’s a welcome intended for all the new souls entering this world of ours and theirs, as an opening song for this new adventure:


Song for a newborn
Good morning little darling I feel your day is gonna be fine
I see you riding through a glorious sunrise, I see you riding through a glorious sunlight
I see you walking on by with nothing above, but the beautiful skies
And though I know the treacherous ways of life
I cling to this vision I hope nonetheless, to see you all grown up and blessed
With a soul that is shining bright, may your soul be shining bright

And whenever you might lose, just a tiny bit of faith and hope
Doesn’t matter I’ll say, won’t let it get in the way
Of this beautiful sunrise coming up
Can you believe how beautiful, it’s shining up above your head
These beautiful skies, These beautiful skies
May your skies be shining bright, may your skies be shining bright

And every time you’re with this sad sad feeling inside, that you feel so unwell
I’ll tell utopic hopes and all those wishful visionary tales of a better world
And when the clouds part for a moment
to show you all that is there, all that is there
If you hold on for a moment, don’t you see all that you could not see
For all those clouds around, for all those clouds around you
Then there will be nothing but the morning sun and it will fill up your eyes
May your eyes be shining bright, may your eyes be shining bright

And if it seems way too far, if it seems a little too hard
Well I say, hey there, hey there’s something that I can tell you
It’s all gonna be alright
You’ve got so much time, you’ve got so much life
that’s ahead of you, awaiting you, keeping you awake in the middle of the night
May your day be shining bright, may your day be shining bright

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