Day 2 – August 18th: Summit – Hopewell, 80km

Next stop is supposed to be Neshanic. The itinerary, loosely based on Adventure Cycling Association’s maps of the Atlantic Coast Trail, a bit of Google Maps and a lot of approximation, has been mapped out a couple of months before.
One “fellow” cyclist sends me in the wrong direction, blatantly on purpose. Add a couple kilometers. When I finally arrive in Neshanic, it’s not even a town, there’s nothing there. Add a bit of discouragement.
I get lost and have to cross Sourland Natural Reserve, with perversely steep climbing slopes for kilometers on end. Add bone-crunching exhaustion.
But then, while I am halting to take a picture of a very Dylanesque train-track sunset, a girl stops and puts me up with one of her friends, Jacob. Turns out he’s an avid cyclist (crossed the US, Europe, West Africa) and a splendid human being, organic farmer, conscientiously opposing the madness of industrial food production in the US (Personal Note 4 for more on that subject).
Add a sense of destiny (it was THAT minute, at THAT precise crossroad), add a delicious dinner, add a restful night.
But all hippy-di-hippy good sentiments aside I just added a day’s worth of cycling after only two days on the road. I let you do the math…

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