Day 23 – September 8th: Lancaster, KY to Bardstown, KY- 100 km

My Listening Routine:

Early morning: Classical Music. Relaxing and not too aggressive a music, but still covers the noise of traffic.
In order of preference: Vivaldi, Bach and Schubert…

Morning: Portuguese Lessons. I figured I might as well use the time on the road to teach myself a new language. The course is not great, but good to get started.

Early Afternoon: Portuguese Audiobooks. So far, The Little Prince, Harry Potter 6, The Alchemist and Capitaes da Area. The Little Prince because I know it well and used it on other languages, Harry Potter cause it’s easy, The Alchemist because I have to shamefully admit that here was the only Brazilian author I knew off the top of my head. The last one, found after much searching, is a sort of brazilian Oliver Twist…

Afternoon: Shuffle music. Albums I discovered: Casadega (Bright Eyes), The Suburbs (Arcade Fire), Whispers (Passenger)

Late Afternoon: A podcast. Either France Culture (if I feel homesick), Ted Talks or Wait, wait don’t tell me…


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