Day 5 – August 21st: Columbia, NJ – Bowmansville, PA -100km

As mentioned before, the itinerary has been quite disappointing so far…it’s a lot of highways and interstates and breathing in exhaust and the sweet-sickening smell of run-over animals’ carcasses that litter the side of the road (so many it is quite frightening…with vultures getting in on the fun and being run-over in turn…I spare you the pictures.

All of which doesn’t really add to your average bikers happiness, especially because this particular itinerary of supposed “bicycle lanes” (pretty much every lane that you can ride a bike on if you don’t mind near-death experiences involving 16-ton-trucks, noise and pollution) adds a couple of hundred miles, leading me down the Atlantic Coast (not the most straightforward way to go about crossing from East to West)…So although I subserviently do as instructed and stick to the plan, already the seed of discontent and rebellious divergence is planted in my mind and growing…I will act on it and divert from the road soon…and pay the price…


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