Day 7 – August 23rd: Manchester, MD-Germantown, MD – 70km

And it’s on with the spokes. The first one I’m lucky, the guy in the bike-shop fixes me up with a new tire and a complete check-up, free of charge. The second one as well, and though the third one follows suit, I decide to stop tempting fate and get the equipment to fix them, though it’s a really complicated procedure, and I’m not sure I can do it (they basically “tune” the spokes). In the end I will have to buy a new, heavy-duty wheel anyway, three days later.

As for Washington, DC, it’s express visit (White House, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial) and express departure. I should really stay longer, but it’s too early for resting in the trip and I wanna get away from cities, although this one proves to be better than I expected.

What I learnt from this day: If you don’t learn the basics, life will keep putting a spoke into your wheel

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