So I have 3 months to prepare for 3 months of cycling
While I’m in Paris, preparing the administrative side of things, I clock up 150 kilometers of running the first month, the second month 200+.

Exit weed, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee etc…the list is more to vent my self-righteous and annoying self-satisfaction than a radical upheaval, it’ not like I lived like a rock’n’rolla before…

Then Cycling: 40 to 80k daily for two weeks before attempting my first challenge:

ViaRhona from Geneva to Lyon, 240 kilometers with three segments earmarked “expert” by the website.
Barely made it out of the lift with my overpacked bike.
After 10 kilometers the shift-cable breaks, I don’t have the right tools to fix it.
A very nice fellow gives me his Torx Keys and saves my day and week.

A video of the follow-up three-day preparation in Germany:

Second trip through the Bergische Land in Germany.

The new material (I will spare you an exhaustive list) all neatly stashed away in the Ortlieb Frontroller and Backroller Panniers, kindly sponsored by, a huge thanks to Bertrand Scaramal.

150 kilometers in 3 days and enjoying the sceneries and lakes of Nordrhein Westfalen


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