Third Week – A peek behind the summit

And so the most challenging of weeks ends…

To give you an idea, of the sheer vastness of my idiocy, even after the few days of pain and excrutiating hardships, I find myself hesitating whether to go back to the Adventure Cycling Association’s mapped out itinerary or continue the very unsuccessful mapping out on my own device.

Because Nashville is close and Memphis is beckoning, I find myself contemplating doing the detour. But after much googling and calculating, weighing the cons (no cycle lanes, no GPS, crossing the Appalachians again) and pros (bellowing out Paul Simon’s Graceland in the “cradle of the civil war”) I decide not to push my luck….To paraphrase Albert:

“Only a fool repeats the same action and expects a different outcome…and I know something about foolishness, actions and their outcome”…



Let’s hope my musical career will not follow the same pattern, in any case, here’s the song of the week.

Cassiopea (A fine Balance)

Whereas Song for a newborn can be listened to as a universal welcoming song for all newborns, this song is addressed more personally to a certain little girl…

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