After several years working on the New Folk project The Lone John Harps a trip to California in January 2015, was to mark the beginning of the project Phileas. Crossing the US in 80 days by bicycle to reach the recording studio in Pasadena, it was to represent a fresh start building on the previous work.

But after significant delays and setbacks, the new Songs recorded in California have been released through his band project The Lone John Harps as an EP Home-Grown (2018).

As a result, since 2018, the Phileas project has run parallel to the ongoing Band Project.

But now, in 2019, the solo project is ready to exist in its own right. An acoustic solo EP, a Music Video and several Live Videos are all ready to be released and await only professional backing (Management, Promotion, Booking, Label).

Demo tapes have also been recorded for a new Band Project with a nationally renowned French musician.


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