After several years working on the New Folk project The Lone John Harps a trip to California in January 2015 marks the beginning of the project Phileas.
Imagined as a continuation of The Lone John Harps, the idea of Phileas came quite naturally, it is the name the singer-songwriter Mathias was supposed to be given at birth, before his parents changed their mind.
Musically he had already written an autobiographical coming-of-age concept album, for which Phileas now seemed a timely subject.

The parallel with Jules Verne`s character in the 19th Century novel Around the world in 80 days highlights the relentless restlessness of the musical vagabond, embarked on a journey that he was not necessarily meant to undertake, faced with many obstacles and unwilling to abate in his determination.

From his first busking experiences in the streets of Liverpool, to London, Paris, Italy, through South-America and to California he is on his way around the world, literally and figuratively speaking, for quite some time.

He is now putting the finishing touches to an EP and preparing the album, documenting the beginnings, upbringing and coming of age of an individual that walks the narrow edge between fiction and reality.

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