After several years working on the New Folk project The Lone John Harps a trip to California in January 2015, was to mark the beginning of the project Phileas.

It was originally conceived as a continuation of the physical, intellectual and philosophical search for a new form of expression. Wanting to break with the past, the idea was to echo Jules Verne`s character in the 19th Century novel Around the world in 80 days and undertake a similarly challenging Journey.  

However, this Journey through America has not quite yielded what was expected. Rather than break with the past, Phileas today represents another facet of the Singer Songwriter's endeavour to find a place and a voice in the modern world.

As a parallel solo project, the new songs are darker, more mature and self-assured.

Both Projects will continue to be developed and documented on this website, with new recordings, collaborations and musical explorations that all aim at expressing a singular point of view.

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