Singer-Songwriter and Loop artist Mathias was born in France, grew up in Germany and has worked as a musician in England and the USA.

In 2017 Mathias settled in Berlin, where he has 	
since worked as a live, studio and street musician
and started his new project "Phileas".

His personal experiences have increasingly led him to socially relevant issues such as migration policy (Won’t (Song for Majid)), basic democratic understanding (For your own Safety, Messiah), religious extremism (Goddam Blues), and collective action against social injustice ( Satyagraha, Now and here, Hippie Happy) in his songs.

With his new band, his vocal virtuosity is complemented by energetic arrangements. With Gidon Carmel on drums, René Riewer on bass, Mya Audrey on keyboard and Robert Kerner on electric guitar, the studio album is flawlessly and convincingly implemented on stage and the audience is guided through a variety of musical genres.


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